Thay pin iPhone

Hardware Advices for Technicians Read Before Rework!

Advice#1 Most important in repair when you receive an device for repair is INVESTIGATION under stereomicroscope entire board to OBSERVE damaged,missing,corroded,burned etc components.

Advice#2 Not all filters or resistors can jumped with wire that is mistake,for example filter that stay near lcd connector for light if you jump it this will overload the ic and coil even PMIC and can burn as a result you will need to replace light coil or ic in place of small filter,this why to jump is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Advice#3 Never heat glued ic’s or chip as this is NOT RECOMMENDED,only reballing will fix 100% loosen solder balls after device was dropped,fall,kick etc.

Advice#4 If members want 100% help on this forum they need to post full info about faulty phone,water damaged,dropped,fall,kick,connected to copy China charger etc.Also explain what you try as for members will be more easy to advice in right way!

Advice#5 All readings that i ask here are done with multimeter switched at diode/beep testing or if not available 2 in 1 function then use only diode testing,to make a reading hold Black probe to GND Red to Positive track and vice versa Red to GND and Black to Positive,so the track you take readings must have 2 different readings that you compare with working board and can see if there is no short.

Advice#6 It is recommended before do hardware repair on board,to test faulty board with known good working housing and LCD/Touch.

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